Saturday, August 13, 2016

Un-endorsing Trump-an act of patriotism.

An open letter to Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso and Governor Matt Mead:

In the wake of Donald Trump’s dog whistle call for someone to consider his opponent’s assassination, the New York Daily News said this week, "Donald Trump must end his campaign for the White House in a reckoning with his own madness, while praying that nothing comes of his musing about an assassination of Hillary Clinton."

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough wrote in the Washington Post, "Paul Ryan and every Republican leader should revoke their endorsement of Donald Trump."

That includes the three of you.

This question is for Wyoming’s three highest-ranking Republicans: What could Donald Trump possibly say that would cause you to withdraw your support?

Don’t tell us “at least he’s not Hillary.” There are other choices. Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) won’t vote for either. He says, “Somebody needs to stand up and say this isn’t what the party stands for.”

Republican U.S. Senator, Susan Collins of Maine joined Flake and four other GOP Senators in saying she won’t vote for Mr. Trump because “he has shown a complete disregard for decency.”

As Victor Frankenstein created his monster, the GOP created its monster. As Mary Shelley wrote that monster out of the story, so must the Republican Party.

Un-endorsing Mr. Trump would be an act of patriotism.

By the time you endorsed him, we all knew who Donald Trump was. He was a racist who called Mexican immigrants rapists. He’d suggested a religious litmus test for Muslims running for office and sought to ban all Muslims from entering the country. Mr. Trump spoke of women in terms that would’ve angered you if aimed at the women in your life. He’d incited violence at rallies and said an American judge with Mexican heritage couldn’t give him a fair trial in a case charging Trump with fraud because the judge was “a Mexican and you know, I’m building a wall.”

You endorsed Mr. Trump after the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan endorsed him. You loaned him your good names after he said families of suspected terrorists should be killed, after he mocked a disabled reporter, and after he dissed John McCain, saying he liked people “who didn’t get caught.”

Donald Trump disparaged the parents of a soldier who died in Iraq. His backers retaliated against the soldier’s grieving father, falsely accusing him of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Angry veterans are urging Republicans to withdraw their Donald Trump endorsements.

The irresponsible Mr. Trump now attempts to delegitimize the democratic process with a claim that if he loses (as he will) it will be the result of massive voter fraud.

Earlier it could be reasoned that not all Trumpsters are bigots, misogynists, or ignorant. It becomes harder every day to understand why those who aren’t would support him.

Some Republicans say they will vote for Hillary. Others won’t but say they can’t vote for Mr. Trump. A growing number find it impossible to remain silent. Silence is no longer golden.

Many loyal Republicans have had their fill of this candidate. Is there no limit for you? Do you agree with Donald Trump or do you lack the courage to speak out? 

Wyoming’s “Code of the West,” doesn’t condone racism, misogyny, bullying, ignorance, or your acquiescence. Two of its provisions apply. “Live each day with courage” and “Know where to draw the line.”

How about living today with courage? I realize there are more tea partiers in Wyoming than all of the Hispanics, blacks, and women who care about being marginalized combined. Still you three can be courageous. How about doing what’s right?

Where do you draw the line? Like Pontius Pilate, have you washed your hands of an inconvenient truth?

There’s one other provision in the Code. “Ride for the brand.” I suppose you could do that. After all, you are Republicans and Mr. Trump is a member of your tribe. But this isn’t about your party. It’s about our country.

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