Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An apology

I need to apologize. Yesterday when I heard the news that the Wyoming Supreme Court had found the “Hill Bill” unconstitutional, I posted several comments on Facebook that were insensitive to the genuine pain and concern of those who have been most impacted by this entire drama, i.e. the employees of the Department of Education and their families.

Like many, I have gotten caught up in the political drama. Watching legislative leaders fumble their way through this swamp, it has been too easy to forget what lies below the surface of those waters.

There are scores of people whose real lives have been turned upside down. For two years they have been involuntarily cast in the middle of a mess beyond their control. Many have been required to answer the questions of investigators and to testify in a public hearing. They have given witness to a variety of workplace problems taking place under the leadership of Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill.

And then the Supreme Court, in a 3-2 decision, ruled that their old boss, the one against whom they testified under subpoena, will once again be their boss. Many are rightfully concerned about their jobs. Most have reason to worry that the old workplace regimen will be restored as Ms. Hill’s duties are restored.

Now all will have to rely on the hope that rather than being vindictive, Hill and her team will take a higher road, one leading to reconciliation. They have to hope that state personnel rules will protect them and that legislators who created this mess will demand fairness.

Those may be pretty thin reeds. I can imagine it seems that way this morning if you are an employee of the Education Department.

My Facebook posts yesterday were insensitive to their dilemma and I regret them.

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