Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If someone is going to show leadership now, why not one of Wyoming's Congressmen?

Politico.com asks this online poll question
Who has the most to lose if a debt deal isn't reached?
·         Democrats
·         Republicans
·         President Obama
·         All of the above.
·         I'm not sure.”
It’s actually “none of the above.” It is you and me!
It’s a curious yet and apropos sign of the times that the possible responses didn’t include “Americans.” The fact that we find our country on the precipice of this disaster speaks loudly to the fact that those in charge see this as a matter affecting only them as Democrats or republicans rather than all of us as Americans.
Those of us who live (and vote) in Wyoming might be tempted to focus our ire on one or all of those in the center of the media storm. The national media quote President Obama and Congressional leaders like Boehner and Reid, Pelosi and McConnell daily.
These are serious times making one wish we had serious leaders and it’s not too much for us who live in Wyoming to ask why our members of Congress can’t be counted on to be those serious leaders as this crisis grows more ominous by the day?
We all know and accept the Republican Party takes Wyoming and our Congressional delegation for granted. They need not bargain with Wyoming because the voters can be counted on to vote a straight ticket and our Congressional delegation can be counted on to vote the Party line…apparently even when the moment begs for Profiles in Courage.
News releases from their office continually claim Senators Enzi and Barrasso and Representative Lummis have gained increasing clout in the halls of Congress. Cynthia Lummis was recently named the new Vice-Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus. Several months ago, the Casper Star-Tribune reported, “U.S. Sen. John Barrasso was elected Wednesday as fifth-highest-ranking Republican in the U.S. Senate, giving the junior senator from Wyoming greater political clout and a say in setting GOP policy and political strategy.” Mike Enzi is the Ranking Member on the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee, a committee he chaired when the GOP had the Senate majority. Bottom of Form
You can’t argue the three have growing prominence in Washington power circles. Each is held in high regard at home as well. None of the three is in any danger of losing their jobs at the hands of Wyoming voters. Enzi’s last campaign ended with him receiving 76% of the vote. In her last campaign Lummis took more than 70% of the vote. After having been appointed to the Senate, Barrasso won his next contested election with 73%.
There is no threat hanging over their heads either here or in Washington. So, why are they not rising above it all and speaking out against the threat hanging over ours? It’s disheartening to hear only them recite Party talking points when so much is at stake.  With partisan politicians all over Washington playing Russian Roulette with the economy, our IRA’s and life savings and the future of our children, would it be too much for just one of those three to rise above it all?  If not Enzi, Barrasso or Lummis, who? If not now, when?

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  1. I think their vote getting percentage is the reason they will not do anything. A. They don't really care and B. Wyoming voters will vote for them anyway
    so why step up and do anything but rattle the saber and toe the party line? Isn't that what Wyoming voters really expect?