Thursday, March 31, 2011

The day KGAB's Man on the Border crossed the line

I awoke Wednesday morning to big news on facebook. KGAB had a guest who had uncovered the biggest story since we were told Bill and Hillary had killed Vince Foster. Under a headline that read, “Marshall On The Morning Zone: White House Linked to Mexico Killings?” lurked a link that told it all.
John Marshal, KGAB’s “Man on the Border,” a mischievous speculator, a fraud. But he is a fraud with a forum, KGAB. There was a time in America when accusing the President of the United States of murder was serious business. I am old enough to remember the days when one actually had to have evidence before making such a claim. Call me nostalgic but I miss those days. They have been replaced by a 24 hour a day news cycle that allows itself, actually encourages itself, to be filled and fed with bottom feeders like Marshall. KGAB’s “Man on the Border” has just crossed it.
When you take a moment to go to KGAB’s Marshall link, you’ll find an admission he has nothing…all hat and no cattle…no evidence, only incendiary claims. He admits in his own column, “Texas Drifter is not accusing anyone of anything; only asking questions which last I heard are still protected by First Amendment. For those with courage to determine if above coincidences are in fact linear evidence; remember, first to squeal first to get deal.”

In other words, he is a troll, doing what trolls do. John Marshall, itself once a celebrated American name, is trolling for others like him who can come forward with what passes in today’s media for evidence that Barack Obama is not just a Kenyan, but also a killer.

The question they pose with no foundation is dramatic. “Does sufficient probable cause exist to investigate if Obama’s closest staff was recently involved in assassination of one U.S. Federal Agent and attempted assassination of one U.S. Federal Agent in Mexico?” And its media-like legitimacy is bolstered with another equally incendiary but baseless allegation. “Only beneficiary of this assassination would be BATF and Obama’s allies seeking to reduce Second Amendment protections by regulating private gun shows out of business.”

He and KGAB hope you’ll walk away with a clear impression this is something you should worry about. They hope the water cooler conversation will be like, “Wow, did you hear there is an investigation about Obama killing federal agents? It’s true; I heard it on the radio!”

OMG…you mean we may have a murderous, Kenyan, Muslim in the White House who is still plotting a way to take our guns?

What I’d like to know is when did John Marshall, KGAB’s Man on the Border quit beating his wife. I have a 1st Amendment right to ask that question, and his wife will be glad it has finally been asked.

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